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Cylindrical Roller Bearings

Being one of the notable suppliers of Cylindrical Roller Bearings in the market, we supply high-quality array of Cylindrical Roller Bearings with following features:

  • Available in varied designs, sizes and series
  • Can withstand against heavy radial loads
  • Meticulously engineered
  • Heat stabilization up to 150 °C (300 °F)
  • Low maintenance
  • Abrasion resistance

What is Cylindrical Roller Bearings?

Cylindrical Roller Bearing is a type of bearing that is used as the rolling element as opposed to the balls in the ball bearings. Therefore, the rollers have a more linear contact area with an external ring and distribute loads across a wider surface.

The cylindrical roller bearings can live up to a huge radial load than ball bearings with the same external dimensions. These bearings are particularly suited for arduous duties. These roller bearings carry a modified line contact between the rollers and raceways so that it will eliminate edge stressing.


As these cylindrical bearings have greater radial load capacity, they are suitable for high speeds. These bearings have a detachable design character and have the capacity to mount the inner ring as well as the outer ring separately. The direction of axial load that the bearing will take depends on the geometry of the bearing.

Cylindrical roller bearings are used in various applications such as mining, power generation & power transmission, petroleum production, cement processing, metal recycling, and aggregate crushing.