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At Future Bearing Company, we supply wide-ranging types of Antifriction Bearings with varied specifications. Our range of Antifriction Bearings is made of premium quality raw materials and is acclaimed for its features such as corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance high tensile strength, durability, etc. We are connected to the renowned vendors of the market who provide a qualitative range of products as per the international standard.

What do you mean by Antifriction Bearings?

An antifriction bearing is a type of bearing that contains moving elements so that it will provide low friction on a rotating surface or sliding surface. These bearings are generally made of hardened rolling elements such as balls & rollers and races.

These bearings are also known as rolling contact bearings and are used where very little friction is needed for the low differential surface speeds. As there is extra mechanical complexity to the antifriction bearings, it drives up more costly than other bearings of the same class.


The antifriction bearings are fitted to the shaft and it is generally with an interference fit that utilizes rolling elements and is bound by the inner & outer rings. It absorbs the radial forces acting on the rotor. These bearings are typically applied to the pumps and aero-derivative gas turbines etc. 

As the antifriction bearings are fitted to the shaft and have a tight clearance to the casing, whenever the shaft resonates, the force gets absorbed by the rolling elements and moved to the casing. Therefore, the technicians monitor bearing housing vibrations and the temperature.